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Welcome to Homes in Uganda

A Portal. A property Search System. The brand of Innovation, the place for all their Housing Needs.

We help homeowners get tenants and tenants to get places they call home. We further help homeowners find professionals like painters, tilers, electricians, architects, plumbers and home designers. And if you think life is any easier for home service professionals looking for work, think again. For us, the community is our reason of existence, and its happiness is our motivation.

Our Vision

To be a leader in innovating the real estate industry in Uganda so millions of home seekers can be comfortable finding a place they call home while helping the best local home service professionals to succeed.

Our Mission

To make housing much better, much easier to access so people can be more comfortable and happy with the place they call home.

The only thing that matches the enthusiasm of our team is the objectivity of what we do. Our teams are holders of open minds- doing everything that comes to them with a smile of growth

Marketing Team

There is more than one way to skin a cat. Likewise, there are many different ways to build a high-performing, growth-focused marketing team. Ours is built around the following:

  1. Digital Marketiers
  2. Search Engine Nerds
  3. Content Writers
  4. Website Masters and
  5. Analytics and Operations Animals.

This is the marketing pentagon that keeps us doing what we love.

Operations Team

Here is the team that oversees the smooth and efficient provision of all the services we offer. This team helps us:

  • Make personnel decisions regarding hiring, compensation, promotions, discipline and termination of operational support staff in accordance with company policies.
  • Manage the day to day company operations.
  • Verify if our services meet their purposes
  • Working with the management team, they contribute to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies and practices.

Technology Team

This is our party place! Data Scientists, Design experts, maps, technical project execution for housing critical needs is the major fun enjoyed by this team. Servicing our data center and helping you enjoy a great home experience with a click of a button.

Our mission is great. We want to change the way housing is experienced and used by everyone- we do this with fundamental engineering  principles, humility and hunger for more.

From the beginning, Homes in Uganda set out to be a different kind of service. One that not only connected people to homes, office spaces and warehouses, but that also enabled local home professionals to succeed in finding work.