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Home Buyers

Looking at Getting a New Home

  1. 83% of buyers are shopping for a single-family home in a good location.
  2. Buyers are 59% more likely to buy an appliance and 30% more likely to purchase technology products related to housing.
  3. 87% of our traffic look for good apartments to rent or small rentals.

Home Sellers

Looking at Selling their Homes

  1. Sellers consider putting their home on the market for five months on average before listing it.
  2. Most sellers are trading their home for one they see as an upgrade.
  3. Most sellers are developers are normally develop and sell for profit.

Home Owners

Looking at Improving their Homes

  1. Homeowners are looking at keeping their properties at good states.
  2. 71% of homeowners usually improve their homes, improve their gardens and property fencing. Many homeowners always paint the interior, replace appliances and get new carpet or flooring.
  3. While increasing their property’s value is important, many choose to make improvements because they view their home as a personal reflection of themselves.

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